Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Making Learning Visible – 1st Grade Infographics

Source: ASIDE 2017
We’ve built our mission on the idea that making learning visible through design changes they way learners view content. The examples in this post by our first graders illustrate just how important design was in providing a context for their Arctic animal research. This was our youngest group to tackle creating infographics, and boy, did they do a great job.

This crop of little designers followed a set of guidelines set up by our colleague Stephanie Temple (@stemple3) to organize the information. The process allowed them to follow step-by-step instructions regarding font selection, number of pictures, and factual information. Of course, choice meant that the students could personalize their work once they completed the basic criteria. Several capable students also took it upon themselves to do more; this provided an added level of differentiation.

Source: ASIDE 2017
Using infographics offers students an opportunity to display their research in a visual representation that can be easily understood. Students from second through eighth grade know this process, and we’re happy to say that we’ve added first grade into the mix. In fact, by the time they hit middle school, it becomes routine. They learn to critique each other for contrast, layout, typography, and more.

Source: ASIDE 2017
We keep the elements and principles of design posted in our classrooms and also electronically on their student portal. As a result, we frequently hear students helping others on different projects using what they’ve learned. It’s just what we want; thinking visibly becomes second nature.


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  3. Jerry Gretzinger talks about how he uses maps for inspiration in his art. This could be a good set-up for a lesson on map art, legends, civic structure.


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