Monday, July 4, 2011

Teach To Their Interests

Our students are online everyday. They take Wikipedia, search engines, and web browsers for granted. Why not, therefore, use their familiarity with Facebook and their interest in Twitter as springboards to larger conversations about technological changes? We can funnel their reliance on web tools into novel considerations of their evolution. We can use their natural curiosity to further our larger, teacherly goals of interpretation and graphic analysis.
Source: Digital Surgeons
Informational graphics require an understanding of numbers and sequencing. Engaging examples can help practice core skills in the classroom. In April, our class spent 15 minutes discussing the history of web browsers, and the students themselves then asked if an identical graphic existed about search engines. We talked the next day for 20 minutes, and we could have spent all period. It was time well dedicated, because even though it was a casual discussion, we ended up tracing technology through the decades and applying key proficiencies in decoding graphics.
Source: Single Grain

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