Monday, August 8, 2011

Ron Paul - Designing A Candidacy

Congressman Ron Paul has been the loyal Libertarian warrior for many years, serving 12 terms in his Texas district and now waging his third rabblerousing campaign for the presidency. In fact, he announced on July 12 that he would not be seeking reelection to the House in order to focus on his presidential goals.
Source: Ron Paul Presidential Campaign Committee
Perhaps this explains why his 2012 brand conveys such a sense of urgency. In his prominently placed slogan, he emphasizes the all-caps “now,” suggesting that the nation must immediately return to some past, lost glory. Paul’s team brings a modernity of shadow graphics to his emblem, evoking the classicism of the eagle and the United States seal. Indeed, his rendering is close to the official presidential seal, which is likely intentional and evokes feelings of strength and natural successorship.

The overall effect leans strongly on American values. Paul’s name is emblazoned in equally strident capital letters. A singular tuft of red appears on the “A,” dynamic and uplifting, like stars shooting over a mountain. It is unclear, however, why such a klaxon bestrides the “A,” and the emphasis is unusual in breaking the symmetry of the other formal, seriffed letters. Paul’s banner also is noteworthy in not using the word “president” anywhere. This deliberate omission suggests a familiarity with his candidacy, that he has run before, that he is a known quantity. His logo reinforces that his views are principled and directly linked to his name and persona, not to the job he seeks. In all, Paul’s design for the upcoming primaries puts him much more in the “establishment” camp than in his prior grassroots efforts. This legitimacy and this effective branding could make him a force in the Republican discourse.

By the way, here is a fun, gimmicky site to replace the text of the presidential seal with your own name or your students’ slogans.

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