Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Visual Design: Creating Infographics With 3rd Graders

Source: ASIDE, 2014
Our third graders showed their aptitude in creating these wonderful infographics during their library class. They gathered the facts for their social studies unit on Brazil using the kids edition of ProQuest's online database CultureGrams.

It did not take much class time either; as a matter of fact, it was completed in two classes. To simplify the components of infographics, we used words, pictures, and numbers to explain the different parts they needed to include to make them.

As part of the lesson, we also explained the concepts of design, such as color choice, contrast, font selection, and balance. Knowing full well that kids tend to overuse every possible option in the toolkit, we spent some time instructing them to choose backgrounds that complemented their information to enhance the overall layout. This included color patterns and selection of photographs.
Source: ASIDE, 2014

From there, they went to town using PicCollage on their tablets to create their visual designs. Giving context to content in this way was not only an engaging way to learn, but it also provided a venue for personal choice to show their understanding.


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