Monday, January 28, 2013

Librarians, Technology, And The New Literacies

Source: ASIDE, 2013
The role of librarians in modern schools is more crucial than ever. In an age of dynamic information and media streams, librarians are uniquely positioned to guide students in research and storytelling tools.

A librarian's role is also evolving as "literacy" in its traditional sense is changing. It's not just that e-readers have joined classic texts, or that online sources have joined traditional journals. It is much more. Multiple literacies are continually growing to require mastery in more than one, and librarians are poised to be on the front lines in delivering instruction and resources to help in this understanding.

Source: ASIDE, 2013
Librarians often know a school's curriculum better than the teachers themselves, because they reach all levels of learners. They have the capacity to enrich daily lessons and educational units.

Because the majority of student inputs these days are visual, interactive tools can help librarians and technology specialists enhance the range of curricular offerings.

Source: ASIDE, 2013
On Thursday, we had the opportunity to spend a terrific day with librarians from the Delaware-Chenango-Madison-Otsego (DCMO) districts in Norwich, New York. Together, we explored ways that technology can help teachers and librarians collaborate by using web tools and iPad apps. We greatly enjoyed meeting the skilled and dedicated professionals from the Board Of Cooperative Educational Services (BOCES) affiliated schools. We especially want to thank School Library System Coordinator Susan LeBlanc for inviting us to lead the all-day workshop.

Source: ASIDE, 2013
The exchange of ideas throughout the day helped generate project ideas and Internet applications to reinforce the underlying goal of educational design. This goal states that by shaping information in well-conceived, visual ways, students can become motivated, self-directed learners who create their own content and publish their own work. Technology offers valuable outlets for students, because it promotes choice and imagination.

Technology also provides a window for librarians, because it can boost all forms of literacy. We greatly look forward to staying in touch with our new colleagues from the DCMO schools. And if you happen to be in the area, we recommend the warm fire and witty servers at Gus' Steakhouse on Route 12.

Source: ASIDE, 2013

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