Thursday, May 16, 2013

Make It Pop - What Is The Appropriate Project Pizzazz?

Source: Killer Infographics
One of biggest questions in utilizing technology is how much visual splash to incorporate into student projects. Judicious teachers want to maintain a PBL approach that is grounded in information and meaning. Students, however, often get giddy at the prospect of neon animations and swirling Prezis. The goal is to balance a love of color with an understanding of effective design.

The design firm Killer Infographics created the "Make it Pop!" motion graphic below to highlight the potential innovations of modern media but also the potential excesses of over-exuberant marketers. Their satire of lavish buzz-building hits all of the sweet spots in zinging hyper-aware advertisers.

For teachers, this clip is an ideal reminder of the importance of media literacy. Educators need to guide young children in recognizing the influence of flash over substance. It also offers a fun and gaudy crib sheet in creating projects that optimally blend all of the colors, images, typography, and music.

Essentially, any tech-preneur needs to understand balance. He or she needs to separate the visual wheat from the chaff. Media savvy students need to assess what is dynamic and what is distracting, so they can appreciate what is eye-catching branding verses what is fluffy overkill.


  1. Hi Mercer and Patricia,

    Thank you for writing an awesome blog about finding a happy medium between information and "visual splash" (we like that term). We hope that our infographics help your students in the classroom.

    You really made this blog post POP!

    Thank you once again,
    Killer Infographics

    1. Thank you for your kind comment, and thank you as well for creating such a stellar and mesmerizing video about the power of visualizations. Your design team is clearly talented. As teachers, we found your insights particularly applicable to learners in a media-rich, modern world. We also appreciate you sharing your infographic and video with educators and students around the world. Cheers.

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