Monday, December 23, 2013

Infographic Holiday Cards As Data Visualization

Source: @GSipley
We’re sure many of our readers have received the proverbial end-of-year “holiday letter” recapping events in the lives of friends and relatives. Often these densely word-processed documents, peppered with pictures, seem more like a chore to read rather than an enjoyable update. Graphically designed they are not, and a tutorial on “less is more” would surely improve the overall layout.

Recently, our friend and colleague, Gina Sipley (@GSipley), forwarded an “infographic holiday card” she received. We then did a little digging. To our surprise, it turns out that using infographics to report on the happenings of the past year have been trendy for quite sometime. Who knew that data visualization had hit the holiday card market?

Source: Nicole's Classe
Resources abound on using this idea, and there are Pinterest boards with loads of samples. We even found a “how to make your holiday infographic card” by Alma Loveland for Nicole’s Classes.

It provides step-by-step instructions in design as an infographic, with explanatory text. The tips for laying out an infographic are useful and could be used as guidelines for any newbie wanting to try his or her hand in the process of creating one.

Source: Beautiful Fight
While we are not planning on sending out our own “infographic holiday cards,” it did get us thinking about how to use this idea in our classrooms.

Source: Nicole's Classes
It would make an excellent way for learners or teachers to graphically represent the highlights of the year using data, text, and images in a simple, well-designed infographic. By flipping the content, it's a perfect way to underscore  accomplishments, field trips, projects, and more.

Happy Holidays!


  1. Great post on infographic holiday cards. I agree that a teacher could use this in the classroom to represent highlights of the year. Though I feel that it could be taken even further. A teacher could design one of these to send out to the students and parents before the beginning of the school year, highlighting the things that the students will be learning about. A teacher can also have the students design one as an introductory activity at the beginning of the year. The students can design one of these cards to share with the class more information about them. The teacher can also design one to introduce a new unit to the students, as the card can include what the students will be learning about in the unit. I also think that the students can design one of these cards for a presentation, it can include facts about the material they are presenting. These cards open up a whole new world of possibilities for the students and the teachers.

  2. Thank you for your comment and other suggestions. We have used infographics in many different areas of the curriculum. Please take a look at some of our other posts on how to integrate visualizations in student learning.

  3. hi..Im college student, thanks for sharing :)

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