Thursday, February 13, 2014

Smore On Web 3.0 And Social Media

Source: ASIDE 2014 - Smore
Snowed in today, and the pummeling of the entire east coast with snow, ice, and freezing rain seems unending this winter. NYSAIS cancelled the 2014 Teaching With Technology Conference in New York City at LycĂ©e Francais. Our presentation for the conference was to be on Web 3.0 and Social Media.

Source: Smore
We had looked forward to going and had decided to opt for a different mode of delivering the content using Smore. This has to be one of our new favorites for designing information.

Smore lets you build flyers that are beautiful and simple to create. It features limited options for design to make it easy to produce an attractive publication. As for reaching others, its built-in attributes for sharing through social media could not be easier. So, here is the one we created today for the conference, to share with our participants and readers.

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