Monday, April 21, 2014

An Animation Of Easter Chocolate - Teaching Media, Finance, & Global Trade

Source: NBC News
If you're like us, you indulged during this past week of spring vacation with some welcome sun and possibly some holiday candy. If you're also like us, you're now returning to a classroom full of restless students who can see the end of the school year in sight.

Luckily, the animation wizards at NBC News have once again offered up a timely treat to engage students' eyes (and taste buds) on their first morning back from break. The motion graphic, "The Business Behind Chocolate Easter Eggs," offers a surprisingly rich educational tour in just under a minute and a half. The video is not even really about Easter, so it is worthy of showing to any diverse classroom.

Instead, the clip is a visually gripping survey of the worldwide chocolate business. The narration touches on a wide range of useful learning points. It teaches mathematics and financial literacy in exploring the percentage growth of chocolate sales and the economics of futures markets. It pinpoints geography and global trade in highlighting the sources of cacoa beans. It touches on the devastating effects of human slavery in mentioning the ethics of forced labor. And, finally, it offers insight into media literacy and marketing in showing the spike in seasonal bunny rabbit advertising.

For another way to incorporate the Easter holiday into the classroom, check out "Everyone Loves Peeps, Easter Infographics & More."

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