Sunday, July 24, 2016

Visualizing The Science Of Summer Sports - STEM Animations And Motion Graphics

Source: Tim McGarvey

Both STEM and sports get a bad rap. In the corridors of learning, science is sometimes seen as esoteric or irrelevant, while sports are seen as base or quotidian. Kids are often repelled by the former and drawn by the latter, mostly due to a misunderstanding about the intersection between math and athletics, between technology and physicality.

Fortunately, the possibilities of animations and motion graphics have helped visualize sports in riveting, educational ways. On both the professional and personal levels, data-driven graphics can bring to life the genuine learning benefits of athletics in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) courses.

Source: Spov Design + Moving Image

In digitally nuanced videos, physics meets the real-world. Body kinesthesia moves from the static textbook page to vibrant video overlay. The visualizations can layer equations and statistics atop everyday pastimes. Sports heroes become humanized in analyzing the biology and chemistry that make them great. Familiar backyard games become elevated by realizing the arcs and velocities necessary to score a goal.

Furthermore, these stunning artistic creations validate the requisite addition of the "A" to STEM. A complete "STEAM" approach, including the Arts, proves the value of imagination, design, and narration in producing such compelling animations.

Source: Tim McGarvey

We've explored before the benefits of sports science in the classroom:

The following motion graphics and animations take the discussion even further, looking for fresh avenues to incorporate the personal interests of students into their science and math educations. These videos are great kick-offs to a morning's discussion, and they are valuable context-builders for putting formulas, trajectories, and graphs in their rightful, real-world contexts.

Source: Vit Zemcik

Stunt Junkies: Extreme Sports: TMBA, Inc

Stunt Junkies: Extreme Sports: TMBA, Inc from Tim McGarvey on Vimeo.

Sports Animation Sequence

Sports Animation Sequence from Spov Design + Moving Image on Vimeo.

Wimbledon: Tennis In An English Garden

Wimbledon: Tennis in an English Garden from Vít Zemčík on Vimeo.

Going Outside: The Physics Of A Curveball

Going Outside: The Physics Of A Curveball from DIY on Vimeo.

Sports Science: Calvin Johnson Edition

Sports Science: Calvin Johnson Edition from Ryan Fuller on Vimeo.

The Physics Of Surfing - Trailer

The Physics of Surfing - TRAILER [720] from K2 Communications on Vimeo.


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