Thursday, July 18, 2019

Visualizing The Complexities Of Time and Place

Source: ASIDE 2019

Mapping challenges learners to think, develop literacy skills, and understand the complexity of global issues, design, and data. There is a direct correlation between the act of making a map and the knowledge acquired by doing it. Mapping their own visualizations increases a student’s understanding; they become more actively engaged in the learning process. This exercise in fine-tuning reinforces the notion of relational meaning and spatial adjacency. It is the fluid movement of change in time, position and detail instead of a static fixed point. It is about observing patterns or relationships alongside external connections. The chance to practice visual thinking through the mapping process builds proficiencies in reading multimodal, visual inputs.

Source: ASIDE 2019

Lessons And Resources


Mapping Activities For The Classroom

Current Events & Map Engagement

 Digital Tools And Hands On, Experiential Mapping
Source: Logos For Referenced Sites
Mapping As Social Narrative
  • Maptia: reimagines geography as a social narratives
  • Mapbox: choose layers and details to quickly share online
  • Mapstack: create custom maps, with easy access to social portals

Jerry's Map from Jerry Gretzinger on Vimeo.


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