Friday, June 15, 2012

Keep Kids Engaged: Father's Day Infographics

Source: Ultimate Coupons
As teachers in the throws of the end of the year, sometimes we just need something to keep our students interested as they check out mentally for summer. We firmly believe in using infographics as a way to keep them engaged and learning. Not all are steeped in deep intellectual information, but they do make connections using facts, data, and images. Infograghics make good discussion starters, and the selections in this post about Father’s Day are no different than other holiday infographics we’ve written about in the past.

Source: Infographic Archives
Everything You Wanted to Know About Father’s Day from Ultimate Coupons provides interesting information, from general facts to the shopping patterns between moms and dads. Another fun Father's Day infographic from BradsDeals includes the spending patterns on gifts for dad. It seems the necktie is the most popular gift. For a little more debate, try showing your students A Loving Comparision: Father's Day vs Mother's Day, from This infographic is chock-full of details on whom we shop for and the top five gifts for dads and moms.

Although these are not the richest for curricular learning, they can stimulate a discussion, act as a writing prompt, or serve as ways to calculate math problems. If nothing else, kids will have fun looking at the information. Sometimes, you have to do whatever it takes to keep kids engaged, especially in the middle of June, and infographics can do the trick.

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