Saturday, September 22, 2012

Autumnal Infographics As Teachable Moments

Source: Love Infographics
It's only fitting that we share some infographics for the change of seasons. After all, autumn does affect just about every aspect of our daily routines, from the shorter day to the series of holidays beginning with Halloween to the New Year. The infographics for the fall season reflect this pattern, from what we buy to where and when to see the best fall foliage.

Why not take advantage of these data-rich delights with all their living color to teach a little autumn trivia, devise a few math problems, or map out a geographic trail across the United States for the best leaves? There is plenty of information to go around, and it might even spur a debate or two in comparing the details. No matter what your discipline, mini lessons abound from these eye-catching displays of words, pictures and numbers. Here are just a few of our favorites.

Source: Home Away (detail)
Raking in the Facts on Fall is loaded with data on everything from leaves changing color to the optimal size a leaf pile should be before you dive in. Use it to find out the number of tons of leaves falling in an acre or the number of people injured due to leaf disposal. It's good for math lessons, general trivia, or story starters. Another infographic from this site is What Are People Buying In the Fall?. Once again, this is a helpful visual to start a discussion on buying patterns or making predictions. It also can be used in connection with reinforcing media literacy skills.

Tap your students' knowledge of the United States using Indulge in Fall Foliage from Home Away with its beautiful colors and engaging layout. Integrate the information from this infographic with social studies classes. It's helpful for understanding geographical regions, and with a road atlas, kids can plan a trip using the detailed travel information to route their way visually across the country.

Source: AccuWeather (detail)
We know that many kids suffer from allergies, and spring is no different from fall. The AccuWeather infographic on Autumn Allergies provides lots of details in a colorful visualization on ragweed, mole spores, dust mites, and more.

This one, along with Which Produce is In Season? from GE, provides lots of connections to science and math classes. The charts about seasonal fruits and vegetables make for excellent resources to reinforce graphicacy skills. Even our youngest learners can use this infographic with its colorful image icons and calendar data to decode information.

Lastly, use the visualization Climate Change and Changing Fall Foliage - A Little Less Colorful from the Environmental Law Prof Blog to have students in the Northeast analyze the three maps showing the change in fall color over the next century based on emissions. It will help to enhance and reinforce their visual literacy skills.

Source: Environmental Law Prof Blog
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