Saturday, April 27, 2013

Motion Infographics - The Science Of Sports

We've been using motion infographics more and more in our classrooms. These animated visuals can help explain the complicated world of economics, the effects of adolescent stress, the inequality of wealth, and the fluidity of language. Mesmerizing, computer-generated videos can grab our students' attentions and, as a result, can illuminate relevant teaching points in colorful, appealing ways.

One of the emerging uses of motion graphics is in the joint world of sports and science. Coaches and athletes are looking for ways to capture their teams' performances and gain a leg up on the competition through technology. Kinesthetic and physiognomic sciences are revealing dynamic representations of the human form.

Forms (process) from Memo Akten on Vimeo.

The visually arresting video above is a prime example of graphics' viral appeal (h/t @Storybird). Created by Memo Akten and Quayola, it renders the movements of elite athletes into digital reverberations and, in doing so, creates fascinating abstract art.

The clip reminds us of ESPN's groundbreaking series about Sports Science. These popular segments overlay live action shots of professional athletes with data, figures, angles, and calculations. The physics and biomechanics of gymnastics, for example, come to life in the classroom through the video below. It would be a prime opener to a biology or health lesson.

The Coach's Eye app for tablets seeks to document similar feats through slow motion recordings and editing tools. Also, the Graphics Mafia site serves as a clearing house for creators of sports motion graphics. One of the vanguards of interactive graphics, The New York Times, features a slightly different but highly engaging animation of the entire history of the Olympics 100-Meter sprint. Even if you are not a fan of international sports, the craftsmanship of this video tells an enthralling story about running history and human evolution.

For more examples of well-designed image films, check out Video Infographics.


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