Thursday, March 7, 2013

Visual Letters: Language In Motion

ALPHABETIC from BlinkmyBrain" on Vimeo.

We came across a visually arresting video called "Alphabetic" that offers a dynamic way to approach lettering with students. Created by Ariel Costa of BlinkmyBrain, the clip presents a quirky, three-dimensional animation of the alphabet. On the surface, it's a fun film with clever transitions and an inventive personification of each character. On another level, however, it offers terrific possibilities for a range of learners.

For Early Childhood classrooms, the clip is a engaging way to introduce letters. Each unique visual cue serves as a reminder of each shape and structure. The peppy electronic music also underscores the figures with zippy sound effects. For older students, it presents a fine complement to phonics, and it would be a whimsical addition to ESL courses.

For graphic design students, the sophisticated video offers a great tutorial in typography. It also reveals the potential of rapidly evolving computer applications. In fact, the clip reminded us of a similar film, "I Love Motion" from Kasra Design. This other animated infographic demonstrates the effectiveness of feisty visual language.

I Love Motion from Kasra Design on Vimeo.

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