Friday, March 1, 2013

20 Ways To Use Twitter's Vine In Education

Source: iTunes
Twitter's new Vine app has gained a cadre of followers, but it has flown under the radar in educational circles. The application allows users to create six-second video clips. Just like Twitter's defining limit of 140 characters, the time constraint on Vine is meant both to encourage pithiness and to conserve bandwidth.

We haven't yet experimented with Vine in the classroom, but already we can imagine a range of uses for future projects and lessons. Just as some educators were slow to embrace Twitter's open platform, they may gradually enjoy toying with Vine's easy-to-use interface and immediate gratification. For 1:1 iPad schools, the free app could prove particularly useful.

Source: Social News Daily
To be fair, Vine is not the only video capture service. It could just be a knee-jerk offering for a more grown-up version of Snapchat or a more dynamic Instagram. But at its best, Vine might be the next virtual playground for creativity. Ideally, it will become one of those applications where teachers cannot preconceive of the inventive directions that students will pursue.

Source: CIO
As with all unregulated social media applications, schools should be careful about letting students run rampant through all of Vine's content. Recent articles have pointed out that some of the early postings have been smutty in nature. Until Twitter adds filters to block offensive content, educational institutions should be guarded about allowing Vine's unfettered use in classrooms. In fact, a 17+ age restriction could be temporary or permanent.

Here are some of Vine's possible future uses for education:


  1. Pair with information on a class website or blog
  2. Announce homework to students and parents
  3. Model how students should execute a task
  4. Market a school's upcoming events to followers
  5. "Tease" new units for kids and families
  6. Record student reactions to texts
  7. Think-pair-share in a virtual field
  8. Grab "preview" or "exit interview" understandings
  9. Offer parent testimonials for admissions
  10. Build advisory or homeroom unity


  1. Design mini-book trailers
  2. Film solutions to math problems
  3. Identify symbols and silent metaphors
  4. Recreate drawing or painting methods
  5. Document science labs
  6. Capture instructions for computer tools
  7. Create "real-life" Vokis
  8. Animate stop-motion characters
  9. Recite famous quotations
  10. Impersonate historical figures


  1. Caution with this app in the classroom. We are finding students are taking videos and posting of teachers, other students and such. We are looking at educating our kids rather than just pulling it.

    1. Thanks for the heads-up. We appreciate the warning -- it's definitely something to watch and to use as a teaching point.

  2. Twitter's new Vine app has gained a cadre of followers, but it has flown under the radar in educational circles. The application allows users to create six-second video clips. how to get more vine followers

  3. Thanks for all the great ideas! I started tutoring one little boy who is starting second grade but reading at a kindergarten level. He's in public Educator, so he has to keep up the pace. I enjoy working with him. Maybe I'll get a few more as the school year goes on.

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