Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Resource Roundup: Finance And Economic Motion Graphics

Over the course of our research, we've gathered a number of resources to help explain financial and economic information to our students. These short motion graphics captured their attention and engaged them in the learning process far beyond our expectations. Since the videos are scattered throughout our posts on financial literacy, we decided to do a quick roundup here for the sake of convenience. Feel free to click on each of the headings below for lesson plans and project ideas related to each topic.

The United States of Financial and Economic Literacy

This motion infographic prepared by the Council for Economic Education shows the alarming statistics about monetary awareness. It brought to light the ever-growing need for more financial literacy in our schools. Even though many states have recently enacted requirements for students to take an economic or personal finance class to graduate high school, we should push for curricula in the middle school years when financial habits are beginning to form.

I, Pencil, The Movie

This animated film on economics and the interdependence in producing manufactured goods in a free market economy captivated our students. By using a low-tech tool that all kids use, the presentation provided an insightful look at the intricacies that go into producing a pencil, and it gave learners a real-life look at the many people who worked together to make it.

Wealth Inequality In America

This motion graphic highlighted the reality in earnings between the rich and the poor, which is quite different from the perception of most Americans. This visualization used charts, graphs, and images to give the students the hard reality of the distribution of wealth in the United States. Our students were quite surprised at how skewed the reality is from what most believe to be true.

U.S. Debt Visualized As Physical $100 Bills

Demon-Ocracy Info produced the following powerful, animated video to visualize the debt in the United States as physical $100 bills. Somehow the swallowing effect created by the bills engulfing Lady Liberty really hit home with our students. It set in motion a host of questions, particularly with regard to the "fiscal cliff" earlier this year.

100th Anniversary Of The Income Tax

Last year the 1040 Tax Form reached its centennial anniversary. This short video paved the way for kids to learn how the federal income tax works and who pays what percentage. They quickly learned why "tax day" on April 15 is not something working Americans look forward to every year.


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