Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Engaging Tools To Teach Social Media

Source: Avalaunch Media
We could not resist using the creativity of Avalaunch Media products with our students. The company has truly designed some fun graphics to help explain social media not just to kids, but also to other educators and parents who are not quite as up to date. The interactive infographic on The Complete History of Social Media, the entertaining cat video entitled Social MeowDia Explained, and for the dog lovers out there, the Social MEDogIA Explained are all gems. Each in their own right makes for a perfect resource to engage learners.

The colorful graphics and witty catch phrases are the ideal mix to get the point across about what social media is and does. They're done with a tongue and cheek sense of humor, making them just the things to keep kids focused. We would not be surprised if our students play and replay the cat video time and again for fun.

We also love the connections made by the interactive timeline to explain the history of social media. Kids often think of the here and now, and they don't necessarily realize the evolution of communication tools. For most of our learners, Instagram and Twitter are their immediate responses to, “What is social media?” They rarely mention Facebook; it's been relegated to adults, particularly their parents.

Source: Avalaunch Media
This interactive site is also perfect to use with younger children and could easily be made into a history scavenger hunt activity. The Abominable Snowman-like creature named Eddy moves his arm up and down the timeline with a click of the mouse, providing details about social media from B.C. to the 1800s, 1900s, and 2000s.

Source: Avalaunch Media
Avalaunch Media refers to this as “the amazing story behind social media” today and raises the question, “So, what’s next?” It would make an interesting discussion to have students predict what they think will happen in the future, and it could easily be used for a creative writing assignment.

All in all, any of these visualizations make excellent resources for educators.

Source: Avalaunch Media


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