Monday, September 2, 2013

Labor Day Animation & Infographics

For many, Labor Day is a sign of the end of summer, the return to school, a three-day weekend, and lots of store sales. For our students, as with many other holidays, it is a day off with no classes. We often wonder how many truly understand the meaning of labor, especially when they complain of too much homework and studying. By definition, labor is hard physical work. It is also the reason we plan this week on showing them this TED-Ed animation, "Why Do Americans and Canadians Celebrate Labor Day?" by Kenneth C. Davis.

As with all TED-Ed animations, educators can use the thinking and discussion questions that are provided to deepen the learning. This particular video not only provides an excellent overview about the holiday, but it also opens up connections to child labor today. Many of our students are sheltered from the idea that this is a major and growing problem around the world. They are also almost a century away from a time period in American history when children had to labor long hours in factories and not attend school. They can't image life any other way than what they know now.

Source: LIN@R
We've also gathered some recently published infographics for additional resource materials on the topic. The first is United States Labor Day 2013. The simple and clear layout of this design makes it easy to use with any age group. Some of the details include median earnings of males and females and the top occupations. We bet most kids today would not even think that farmers made up the largest occupation in 1910 compared to retail salespersons in 2012.

Source: Infographiclist
The other infographic Say Goodbye To Summer - Labor Day 2013 is how most kids think of the holiday. While it provides no history of the day, it does give an overview of how far families travel to celebrate, what they will spend on back-to-school items, and what we have to look forward to in the fall.

For other resources on the topic of labor see:

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