Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Halloween Infographics: Treats For Any Lesson

Source: Ornament Shop
We know Halloween will distract most of our students. So it makes sense to continue our annual quest to find some new infographics to use in our lessons to keep them engaged. Here are some of our favorites for this year.

Frightful Halloween Facts is a great place to start. Kids love big numbers, such as the 87 million households that will distribute candy or the 2.8 million dollars that will be spent on costumes. Use this colorful and fact-filled infographic for a media literacy lesson on Halloween hype or for a discussion on the financial impact on household budgets.

Source: MintLIfe (detail)
Compare the information in Frightful Halloween Facts to Boo! Why Are Americans Spooked To Spend On Halloween 2013 for lessons on personal finance and financial literacy.

Source: Infographic Journal (detail

If you want to do some persuasive writing, we recommend How To Scare A Ghost. This infographic provides ample ideas for writing prompts, including what would make the scariest costume. It would be interesting to see what kids would combine to make their ultimate Halloween costumes, or to open it for a classroom debate as to whether they agree with the 10 tips in the infographic.

For a little spooky geography, check out Driving Roads Of The World: The Best, Most Dangerous, And Haunted. It’s perfect for plotting locations on a map, planning a road trip, or doing a little investigative research into the history behind these haunted roads.
Source: Infographic Journal (detail)

Lastly, for a look at how media influences Halloween, take a look at 2013 Viral Halloween Costume Ideas. It’s amazing how television shows, commercials, and videos can influence a holiday market.

While this infograhpic is more of a poster, it would be interesting to take a poll, particularly with older students, about how many of them are aware of these characters from their media habits. It has it all, from reality television's “Duck Dynasty” to Geico's “Hump Day” commercial. We don’t know what your students would say, but we know most of our kids know the video, “What Does The Fox Say.”

Source: Visual Loop (detail)

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  2. Thanks for sharing these. I've made my own Halloween infographic this year would you like to have a look at it?

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