Thursday, November 13, 2014

What Role Should Blogs Play In The Life Of An Educator?

Source: ASIDE, 2014

A recent #EdChat Radio show on the Bam! Radio Network discussed the topic of teacher blogging. We were invited to participate in the broadcast with hosts Tom Whitby (@tomwhitby) and Nancy Blair (@blairteach). The conversation on "What Role Should Blogs Play In The Life Of An Educator?" broached a range of topics about online writing and publishing for both teachers and students. Check out the podcast, or download the show for free from iTunes.

A few of the insights included:
Source: Jackstreet;
Bam! Radio Network
  • Blogging levels the playing field; expressing one's opinions about education is no longer about status or access
  • Writing a blog is not just about publishing, but it is also about sharing in a community of fellow educators
  • Blogging validates the voice of each teacher and allows niche ideas to rise to the mainstream
  • Blogging is the new normal for student writing, and teachers can model this literacy
  • Commenting is an important skill for young people to master and also an avenue for all teachers to enter the conversation
  • Publishing adds a pleasant pressure to stay relevant and maintain helpful resources
For other information about teacher podcasts and online broadcasts, we recommend the full slate of educational programs on the Bam! Network. Also, take a look at the article, "Add #EdChat Radio To Your PLN."


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