Monday, November 3, 2014

The Best Videos Explaining Midterm Elections

Source: Yahoo! News
Many students – and many Americans – have a difficult time understanding why off-year elections are so important. Part of this confusion originates in the muddle of yard signs and Congressional ads during non-presidential years. A larger reason for the uncertainty, however, arises from the uneasy access to helpful information. Even in today's glut of online media, it can be challenging to find simple, effective tools to explain the midterm election process. The videos we collected below are some of the best resources for helping children learn about what's at stake this November and why every election is critical.

Also, check out "Does Voting Matter? Interactive Visualizations To Learn About The Midterm Elections" to find digital tools and infographics to teach students about modern civics.

Senate Midterm Elections Explained - Yahoo! News


Why You Should Care More About Midterm Elections - TestTube


The 2014 Midterms, Explained In 8 Bits - Vox


America's Midterm Elections Explained - CCTV America


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