Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Teaching With Logos - Making Branding History

Source: Lava360
We try to layer logos into our daily teaching as much as possible. Not only do they subtly help students become familiar with media literacy, but they also add pizzazz to bland handouts and SMARTboard files. Mostly, we acquaint our kids with logos because they fortify such a range of curricular lessons. Students are already investigating actual insignia of western cattle and heraldic crests. They identify the trademark signatures of John Hancock and Walt Whitman, and the presidential emblems of the 2012 election go a long way toward conveying personalities and messaging. Students also actively need to brand themselves, to take control of their online profiles and their future dossiers.

A terrific introduction to the history of branding comes via the stellar PBS Off Book series. "The Art Of Logo Design" features artistic insights about the evolution of branding, as well as interviews with experts in bygone "marketing." The PBS mini-documentary about Typography also beautifully expresses the basics of visual presentation.

A great activity for all range of age groups is to consider the "Branding Of America - Guess The Name." This fun exercise rewards the conscientious shoppers and the billboard watchers in our classrooms. It also helps our students become more attune to how corporations are targeting young buyers.

For a contemporary survey of creative promotions and crisp designs, we've been watching a 2011 video from the MSc Brand Leadership team at Norwich Business School. Entitled "What Is Branding?", this brief clip elegantly captures the fundamental concepts of graphic communication.

We also recommend two superb galleries of well-curated media literacy and typography examples. For further reading, we suggest the following resources:


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